Land Varregion 2×2 flat to sale

Land opensim varregion 2x2 to sale
Land Name Atoll Varregion 2×2
Monthly Fees Price 39USD or 29Euros
  • 512 x 512 = 262144.00 sqm
  • 30.000 Prims
  • Full perms region owner and estate rights
  • Change name of land
  • Choose your  location land on Map or get a defaut
  • Parcel division
  • Terraforming
  • Change terrain texture
  • Available Mesh
  • Bulletsim
  • Group-Management
  • HyperGrid-Connection
  • VoiceChat
  • Load your .OAR or .TGZ .IAR .RAW
  • Available permanently. 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Backups last 15 days
  • Take your backup on demand
  • Personal support by sirin Peccable
  • Hosted on Quad-Core Servers
  • No setup fee
  • Ready in 1 hours after payment
Available Stock YES
Available on Grid OpenSim


« Varregion » is a feature of OpenSimulator that enables region sizes larger than 256×256. The region is just larger so it acts like a regular region but with borders farther apart.

The objects and terrain are stored in an OAR file as if it was one region. That is, if you save a 512×512 region in an OAR file, you can later restore the objects and terrain into a 512×512 sized region.

Opensim sale to low cost with sirinHGpole

 The sale with a SirinHGpole is low-cost. The opensim software will be installed, hosted and maintained by the sirinhgpole team. Updates to newer versions will also be done by the team.Your simulator is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Want to see this region?

 You need to connect to FrancoGrid, SirinHGpole-Grid, Osgrid or metropolis grid. On the map of your viewer, look for « Atoll Varregion ».

All you need is to teleport yourself to the location.

Buy Land with SirinHGpole is easy!

To buy land with us simply fill out:

- the order form below and click « Envoyer » to submit ….

  • And then choose the amount of land you want to have,

and click « Ajouter a la commande » to begin your monthly expenses from your land.

After receiving your first payment, you will be contacted by e-mail
to confirm your payment. Then sent a mark in the world for your new Land, by sirin Peccable